Osa Rainforest Rentals started in 2011. We live and work in the locality of Dos Brazos and are very much a part of the village. Our neighbors are our friends and our community is a place that we give back to and are involved in, preserving the environment is of utmost importance to us.

In the last few years we are grateful for the part we have played in helping people and families experience our region during their stay in our diverse rainforest and beach homes, in the place that we love.  

As our rental business grew, so did inquires about homes and properties for sale. A sentiment we hear often is that our area is the most beautiful our guests have ever seen --and how they are looking to change their lives. It was a natural progression for us to offer help and start a limited real estate portfolio.

We are selective about which properties we rent and sell. The properties you will find on our site you will not find anywhere else. Most of them are owned by gold miners or old Tico farmers.  Unlike many real estate companies we only represent local homes in the area we love, live and work in and where our expertise lies.

Just like our rental business, the real estate services we offer are very personal. The goal is the same no matter how we help our clients: give everything we can to make their experience exceed their expectations and treat every client as we would a friend.     

Unlike much of Costa Rica, our region is wild, still untouched and off the beaten track. It’s a self-selecting crowd who travel out of their way to the southern Pacific coast are looking for the unspoiled Costa Rica of years ago.  Costa Rica has suffered from over-development in the well-trodden traveler’s circuit. Yet the Osa Peninsula and its region is still a primitive paradise of rain forests, empty beaches and remote little settlements. The rough-and-ready town of Puerto Jiménez, on the banks of the Golfo Dulce, is the area’s main hub.  On the unnamed main street dogs wander free, scarlet macaws squawk from trees and Ticos pedal bikes or drive slowly in both directions down the dirt track.  It is not uncommon to see a local walk into a store with a raw gold nugget mined from the nearby Río Tigre to be weighed on a small scale and moments later walk out with a chicken and some rice.  Welcome to paradise found.