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Driving from Puerto Jimenez (12 km/7.5 miles) will take about 30 minutes. 4 km/2.5 miles west out of town take your first left, after the Rio Tigre bridge where you will see signs for Dos Brazos, Parque Nacional Corcovado and Casa Aire Libre/Casa Los Suenos. After 3 km/1.8 miles you will arrive in the town of Gallardo. Where you will pass a bar called Oasis and will take your 2nd left. Again you will see a signs for Rio Tigre and Casa Aire Libre/Casa los Suenos. Five more kilometers/3.1 miles down the road you will arrive in the town of Dos Brazos del Rio Tigre. After you cross the bridge take a right at the school traveling about one kilometer/half a mile on the road to the end where you will see a sign for Casa los Suenos, Tristan will be there to greet you. 4x4 Vehicles are recommended. GPS coordinates: 08°31.619'N 083°24.656'W

By Taxi: From Puerto Jimenez you can take a taxi for $25 USD, they are pretty easy to find once you are in town, just tell the taxi driver to take you to Tristan's house in Dos Brazos. Our favorite drivers are Antonio; tel. 8812 9645 or Keilor; 8304 7508.

By Bus: In the center of Puerto Jimenez the El Tigre colectivo (local bus service) runs to Dos Brazos del Rio Tigre (12 kilometers/7.5 miles west of Puerto Jimenez). Monday thru Friday @ 11am and 4pm at the hardware store next to the Carate bus stop. From Dos Brazos to Puerto Jimenez @ 6:00 am and 12:00 pm. The fare is ₡1,500/$3 USD.